Top 10 Kitchen Item Must-Haves for your Holiday Rental

The majority of our interiors work is helping set up holiday rentals. We work closely with Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats assisting owners on setting up holiday rentals as a business. One of the main reasons people book a holiday rental is because they want the freedom to cook and get together. Whether that is as a family or in a much larger group, you can bet your bottom dollar that more often than not the kitchen will get a fair old workout. So if that is the case just imagine if you were staying in a holiday rental and cooking up a storm on Friday or Saturday night, what would you want to have in that kitchen? Here are our top 10 items you must have in a holiday rental to ensure great guest reviews. Buy the very best you can afford. Quality matters to guests especially if they are paying a lot of money to stay in your large house. The weight of the cutlery, the chink of the glass or the crockery really does add just a little bit to the overall mental score in their head.

Large White Crockery

Yep, its obvious but crockery and good quality crockery is a must. We suggest white because you can buy it from commercial suppliers and if some of it gets broken (and it will), you can replace it easily without having to buy another new complete set.
top 10 Kitchen Items you must have in a holiday rental
White Crockery always works. You can buy it from commercial suppliers or good kitchenware companies such as this at Kitchen Warehouse
Always remember that you need at least twice as much of any item. That means if you have a holiday rental that sleeps 10 guests you will need 20 dinner plates, 20 cereal bowls etc. Guests will use dishes for breakfast and then pop them in the dishwasher and expect there will be additional dishes available for lunchtime. If you haven’t bought enough they will having to keep washing their dishes after each meal…and that is not why they come on holiday!

Cast Iron Pans and Quality Cookware

One of the most disappointing things about cooking in a holiday rental is the lack of quality pots and pans. If you love to cook, then you know that great quality pans are you best friend. All too often there are small, lightweight and well worn pots and pans. Don’t even get me started on the non stick frying pans that are about as non stick as a well used strip of sellotape! Buy great pans, yes they are an investment but they will last and more to the point they will make a lasting impression. Make sure you buy at least one cast iron pan so that your guests can sear a steak, brown some potatoes or take the pan from hob to oven. Its these little things that matter most.
top 10 Items in Kitchen Holiday rental
Cast Iron Pans are essential in your holiday rental

Steak Knives

Its super frustrating when you fire up the barbie and cook that perfect steak only to find that there is nothing to cut it with? Lets face it Australians love their meat,,and so do the Americans and the British… So make sure you include some steak knives for your holiday rental group. And while we are on the subject some sharp knives for preparing dinner too would be awesome. Another little feather in your cap if guests have absolutely everything they need on their holiday. If they have nothing to complain about then you are potentially looking at a 5 star review.
top 10 holiday rental kitchen items
We love a steak knife to look like a steak knife. You can find these on A classy investment for a small price

Beautiful Coffee Mugs

The one item of crockery we cannot abide is white coffee mugs and teacups. Put some personality into your coffee mugs. If you have a beautiful property that oozes a French Provincial charm like the interior styling in our Joie De Vivre project in Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula, then pick some mugs that reflect that.
top 10 Kitchen Items Holiday Rental Setup
Mugs should reflect a bit of the personality of the house (if they can be china then all the better). These from French Knot would be divine for a French Provincial holiday rental.

Spaghetti Pot and Colander (big pans in general)

We all know the way to feed an army is with big carb meals, easy to cook for that large group of ravenous guests. With big groups in your holiday rental the same will apply. Make sure your pans are big enough to hold a decent amount of pasta, rice, potatoes etc
Top 10 Kitchen Items Holiday Rental Setup
This pasta and colander combo is perfect from Temple and Webster and won’t break the bank.

Coffee Machine

Yep, it’s essential. Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats has been in the holiday rental business for over 15 years and they will tell you their most asked question is – does the holiday rental have a coffee machine? and if so exactly which one? The guest wants to prepare and pack all the essentials including the pods for the coffee machine or their favourite coffee depending on what is required. As long as there is coffee its all good but which machine to choose? Make sure its easy to use and easy to clean. The most popular according to is the Breville Nespresso Creatista Plus BNE800
Top 10 Kitchen Items Holiday Rental Setup


Whether it’s for a green smoothie for breakfast or something to get the kids through the afternoon, a blender is a must in a holiday rental. You can’t go past a NutriBullet for something affordable and high end.
top 10 Kitchen Items Holiday Rental Setup

Platters and Serving Bowls

One of the most missed items from the kitchens of poorly designed holiday homes is platters and serving bowls. From small bowls for nuts, olives and dips, to large platters for antipasto, it is an essential inclusion. Sometimes this is where you can save lots of dollars. Think Op Shops for platters that have been donated at a fraction of the cost to buying them new. We love looking through Op Shops (Charity Shops if you are in the UK or Thrift Stores if you are in the States) to see what we can pick up.
Top 10 Kitchen Items for your Holiday Rental
Try and find some colourful second-hand serving bowls and platters. Rummage through Op Shops and to bring everything together stick to a colour theme or style that reflects the house. You never know what else you might find to add to your kitchen items.

Plastic glassware

We know it sounds strange, but plastic glassware is such a great inclusion in your holiday rental for a number of reasons. If you have a pool or spa at your holiday rental then you can bet your bottom dollar that guests will be taking glasses of their favourite beverage either close to or into that space. One broken glass can cause havoc to a spa, it will need to be drained completely before anyone can use it again. or, little kids who just can’t cope with those big tumblers are much better off with plastic glassware. Now, we don’t mean that awful stuff that nobody wants to drink out of. You can get some super looking glasses now. Make them beautiful and your guests will want to use them over the normal glasses.
top 10 Kitchen Items Holiday Rental Setup
These plastic glasses from Sunnylife create such a sense of occasion.

and finally, those little things..

and finally the small stuff.
  • vegetable peeler
  • zester
  • lemon juicer
  • bottle opener
  • tin opener
  • corkscrew
  • grater
  • wooden spoons
If you don’t know where to start with setting up your holiday rental then send us an email and we will be happy to help. If you are on the Mornington Peninsula or the Gippsland Lakes and you would like a company that takes care of you and your holiday rental then get in touch with Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats.