How to get the best sale price for your property by Staging for Sale

When you’re selling your home, you want it to look its best for the potential buyers who walk through the door. That’s where home staging for sale comes in.

Staging houses for sale has become popular over the past few years with experts stating that it can add an extra 5 to 10 per cent to a property’s sale price.

So what does a home stager do and is it expensive?

Well, you can attempt this yourself with some simple measures that will improve the presentation of your property. It will take time and a little elbow grease but it can be done. Simplicity is the key. However it is a fine line to getting it right, you do not want it to be so sterile that you lose that feeling of it being warm, cosy and inviting.

Get rid of the mess

Begin with a major declutter. Look at your space and anything that is messy and looks out of place and try and find a home for it. Clutter takes up space, and space is what sells. Make your home look bigger and more attractive by getting down to just the basics. You don’t have to get rid of things forever, but you should certainly be packing them up and getting them out of the house.

Staging for Sale Mornington Peninsula
Potted plants and real or artificial fruit create a tranquil space where buyers can see themselves sitting. Photo: Azure Beach Retreat, Rye styled by Zhush It for Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats


You really want to make the house feel like a home without it being too personal. Takedown photos, kids artwork, takeaway menus etc. One of the main objectives of home staging is to help buyers imagine the space as their own. The quickest way to do this is to set a blank canvas. You want the home to have style, but it should be devoid of personal touches that suggest this home belongs to the seller, not the buyer.

Space sells

Look at all your space in each room. Clear out furniture if it makes the area feel crowded. Depending on the size of bedrooms, they may only need a bed, bedsides, lamps and an artwork. Just make sure the bed looks beautiful. Perhaps invest in some nice bedlinen, to bring things up a notch.

Staging for Sale Mornington Peninsula
Space around furniture allows movement through the property and open chairs create a feeling of space around the dining table. Photo: Joe De Vivre, Red Hill styled by Zhush It for Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats

Work with what you have

We don’t all live in a show home. Homes are for living right? but when it comes to selling your property that have to go completely out the window. The buyer wants to buy into a dream and you have to sell it. But let’s be practical you have furniture and you have to use it. You don’t want to have to move all your stuff out and hire furniture, not when you are living there. So if your lounge has seen better days. then dress it up with some new cushions and throws.

Before: a dark room with uninspiring bedlinen.
After: Light and bright with co-ordinated bedside tables and layered bedlinen.

Create spaces

Prospective buyers want to imagine themselves sitting at your dining area or in a comfy chair positioned in a sunny spot. So, take advantage of the space and light in your house even if you don’t use it that way. Consider making new spaces. A rug will anchor an area and totally transform a space. You may need to look at the space and see if the furniture needs to be repositioned, so that the room has a better flow. Sometimes, you can just be too close to space and can’t see what you need to do. You can find property stagers to use your existing furniture and enhance your space with a few choice pieces, beautiful bed linen and rearranged furniture. This investment is money well spent and if it gets you a 5 – 10% increase on your house it’s only a fraction of that reward that you will need to spend. We have transformed many houses some of which have had their asking price increased because the house looked so good after our transformation. So if this all feels a bit daunting then check out our property staging.
Staging for Sale Mornington Peninsula
Create a space around a piece of furniture or a view. A rug will ground the furniture in place. Photos: Joie De Vivre, Red Hill styled by Zhush it for Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats

Neat as a pin

Make sure your house and the outdoor areas are clean. A manicured garden shows that the homeowner has taken pride in the house. Clean decks, entrance ways, windows and especially the front door. The house may need a fresh coat of paint in some areas. Do whatever it takes to show the property is well maintained.

Appeal to the masses

Once you have cleaned and decluttered, remove all the nic nacs and try and look at your house with fresh eyes. The majority of people can handle neutral soft furnishings, go with what will appeal to the masses, not to a select few. Think about who would be looking to buy your property, the demographic that you want to appeal to.
Staging for Sale Mornington Peninsula
Light neutral furniture appeals to most. Photo: Jack Street, St Andrews Beach styled by Zhush It for Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats

Dress to impress

For your final bit of styling, add fresh flowers and plants, or if the house is going to be unoccupied you can purchase realistic artificial greenery.
Staging for Sale Mornington Peninsula
Books and Candles on a coffee table and the fire lit when buyers arrive will really set the scene. Photo: Joie De Vivre, Red Hill styled by Zhush it for Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats

Value for Money

If you think everything we have mentioned is too much work and too much money, then get in a stager. They have all the things you will need to transform your house without the need for you to buy new linen, throws, neutral cushions, flowers etc. Get them to do all the work for the cost of what you would have spent yourself. Our expertise is in staging partially furnished property by bringing in items to create beautiful spaces and it can generally all be done in a day (unless you are the hoarder from hell). You will find all our details on our Staging for Sale page.