Creating Space in your AirBnB and Holiday Rental

I have to put my hand up here and confess I hate old fashioned wardrobes, especially in Airbnb and holiday rentals! Don’t get me wrong-a beautiful Armoire is a thing of beauty and I have nothing against built-in wardrobes (as long as some serious consideration has been given to the door aesthetic), but those old fashioned boxy wardrobes just have no place in any house, never mind a holiday rental house that you need to be beautiful to attract your guests to stay. Creating space in your AirBnB and Holiday rental is essential.

And many small cottages and holiday rentals have very limited space, the built in robes often end up as storage space for linen and stock and personal possessions. So if you take up all the storage space with your necessary stuff, where does the guest hang their clothes and do they need to?

Many Airbnb and holiday rentals are only used fleetingly one or two nights in the main. Do we need wardrobe space for that honestly?

Yes, we do. There is always a need to hang your clothes even if it is only that special pair of pants, jacket or dress. And if the guest stays a week or more, absolutely.

So what is the solution?

A clothes rack or set of hooks

The Oar House in Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats in Metung, Gippsland uses small bamboo hanging rails with wooden hangers

Not those flimsy steel rod style clothes racks that never seem to stay upright but something beautiful that adds texture to the room and at the same time allows for space to be created.

Also, think about the fact that if guests use the clothes rack, they shouldn’t leave behind their clothes!

And owners get to keep the built in robes for their own stuff creating space in your Airbnb and holiday rental for storage.

Hooks are equally good but make sure to choose to use good quality wooden hangers, please no plastic and especially no wire hangers.

Hooks and a hanging rail and small shelf work beautifully at Blue Moon Cottages

Here are some racks to consider:

Creating space in your airbnb
For a contemporary look with extensive storage – the Galaxy Wardrobe Cupboard Shelves & Clothes Hanging Racks (Black Walnut) from DSHOP $349.90 (currently on sale for $149.90
Creating space in your airbnb
Or something a little Scandi Portable Bamboo Garment Clothes Hanger Rail Rack Storage with Shelf & Wheels currently on ebay $59.95
Creating space in your airbnb
Or get inspired to make something up thats unique and quirky.

Make your own racks from old pallets, trolleys or use plumbing pipe and create a hanging space from a low ceiling.

Creating Space in your Airbnb
Or try a latter with hooks. Get creative.

And don’t forget beautiful hangers

Creating space in your Airbnb
You can get personalised hangers (perhaps with the name of your property) from Etsy for $10.00

So when you are looking for space in your Airbnb or holiday rental then think outside the Wardrobe SQUARE and get creative.

The team at Zhush It love creating unique items. If you need assistance on how to make your holiday home stand out from the crowd then get in touch with us at [email protected]