A nurturing experience – why it’s essential in your Airbnb and holiday rentals

Unique properties stand out to potential guests when they are trawling through the many holiday rentals you will find advertised on sites such as Airbnb and HomeAway. But unique will only get you so far. It will attract the guest to your property, but what is going to make them ‘shout from the rooftops’ to all their friends about what a fabulous time they had?

A Holiday Experience

If you can create right experience, you will have guests queuing at your door to stay and a waiting list that will be the envy of your friends.

You need to make it your mission to nurture your guests. It’s all about creating lasting memories for your guests and an experience that will make them want to return time and time again.

Before you start thinking about renovating your property or deciding what furniture to include, you need to think about how you can pamper your guests. Consider seating areas where guests will be happy to hang out all day long – both inside and outside. Comfortable seating, great beds with beautiful linens, perfect lighting and a well-stocked kitchen, are top of the list, while outside spaces should make the most of the natural surroundings.

Big Blue Backyard

A great example of how experience creates WOW in Airbnb and holiday rentals is the work of Lisa and Paul Dempsey at Big Blue Backyard. Lisa says “Right from the beginning we wanted our guests to feel like their hideaway was built just for them; that they would feel like the only people who had ever stayed. We felt our layered attention to details, that soothed and inspired the senses was really important. A quirky note of welcome, a delicious mix of herbs that laced the air, a homemade welcome gift candles, fresh flowers, things like that were really important in our mix of taking care of our beautiful romantics!”

A wonderful guest review…

“From the moment you park your car you feel that you have been transported to another world. Hidden away in the bush you will find everything you need within to sustain you for a couple of days of personal indulgence.

To be able to relax under the canopy of the Ti Trees with a glass (or 2) of delicious local wine was beyond sublime. A quick rinse off under the outdoor shower completed the experience. We walked along the clearly marked dune path to the beautiful, wild national park to the beach and found we had it all to our selves! What a rare & treasured experience this was against a background of the foaming, wild ocean & the big black sky. Just so dramatic, it made us really appreciate the natural beauty & peace of this outstanding location .”

The outdoor spa nestled in the Ti-Tree along with the candles hanging in the trees creates a feeling of a private sanctuary away from the worries of the world

Light and Bright

The light that streams into property really brightens an interior and creates spaces to cosy up in during the day. If you add to this a light colour palette curtains, linens, walls and ceiling this will add to the brightness of the rooms. Make the Airbnb and holiday rental rooms feel airy and roomy. Even the smallest spaces can appear spacious with great light and colour.

Evening lighting is even more important. Make sure your bedrooms have bedside lights for ambience and reading, the kitchen has focused light on the preparation areas, outside create mood with candles (you can even buy remote controlled and battery operated if you are worried about the hazard).

The interior of Cape House receives abundant sunlight from the large windows. The shell artwork is also lit which adds a glow to the room. Light interiors have been proven to boost mood and are the key to the success of Airbnb and holiday rentals.


Good design will have many elements of contrast. Just like a painter that strives for contrast in colour, form and line, it is the same with interiors. The eye needs contrast for stimulation, so mixing light and dark fabrics, soft and hard furnishings and these contrast well next to each other. Your eye differentiates each object and you can see its form more clearly.

airbnb and holiday rentals best practice
Contrast highlights good design from mediocre. The Oar House has contrasting fabrics, colour and textiles to keep your eye interested and exploring the room.


The first thing that guests will look for in an Airbnb and holiday rental is comfort. Air Conditioning and heating are a given requirement, but think about the comfort of the furniture. Places to sit and watch TV, chat or read. Soft surfaces for the skin. This is even more important in the bedroom, where the mattresses and linen should be of commercial quality. We have beautiful bed linen for our Airbnb and holiday rental setups, along with bespoke cushions and throws.

Remember, rugs in the bedrooms really make a difference for the soles of the feet. Fluffy towels and robes are a must for the bathroom

Airbnb and holiday rentals linen
Light and bright with a comfortable mattress and soft linens. A large rug for your bare feel and ambient lighting – Cape House ticks all the boxes.
airbnb and holiday rentals experience
The bathroom is spa-like with its handcrafted walk-in shower/wet room, local handmade toiletries and robes and slippers at Big Blue Backyard. All for a complete pampering.

Make it easy

Guests should have to want for nothing. Make sure that if there is an open fire, that firewood is supplied. Gas for the bbq, wifi that is free and unlimited and some food supplied on arrival. This may include a lavish breakfast in the fridge or special treats like hand-baked biscuits, nibbles or a bottle of wine in the fridge. Ensure the crockery and cutlery are lovely to handle (that goes for the wine glasses too).

You can always add on extras like lunch, dinner or personal massages.

bed and breakfast mornington peninsula
Perfectly wrapped food gifts are always a joy to open.

To further enhance the experience make sure you include information about the surrounding area with places to visit, wine tasting, interesting walks, restaurants and the best cafes in town.

Tick all these boxes in your Airbnb or holiday rentals and you are guaranteed to be on a winner!